The National Historical Museum in Tirana, Albania

The National Historical Museum in Tirana, Albania

The conference Pedagogies of Disaster will be held in the National Historical Museum in Tirana. Built during the communist period and finished in 1981, the building hosts a collection of artifacts from Albanian history, still seemingly frozen in the timeframe of their first exhibition. Check an old communist documentary about the construction of this properly historical site:

Albania, although for a large part of the 20th century virtually closed to the outside world, may nowadays easily be reached via boat (cross from Bari, Italy to Durrës with the overnight ferry), via airplane (Rinas airport, airport code TIA) or by minivan or car crossing the border of one of the neighboring countries. Arriving through Serbia and Kosovo may be difficult owing to an ongoing border dispute. It’s safer to drive from Serbia through Macedonia, and then via Kosovo into Albania.

There are several accommodation options: High end Tirana International Hotel and Rogner HotelHotel de Paris which is less expensive, and comfortably located inside the Bllok area. Cheap and cozy is the Tirana Backpacker Hostel, which serves good raki at the bar. All places are at walking distance from the conference location. Within due time we will update this page with any special offers (if any) that are conference related. Both the Hotel de Paris and Tirana Backpacker Hostel will give a discount to conference attendees, so make sure to mention this when you reserve a room.

We also made a Google Map of Tirana with *everything* on it!


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